Welcome to the Carrigaline Village Blog. This site has been set up so as to outline the recently prepared draft Village Enhancement Plan, and to gain feedback from the people of Carrigaline on its contents.

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The Plan is outlined in a number of parts:

* Streetscape.
* Transport.
* Community Services and Amenities.
* Environment and Heritage.

This is a draft plan, prepared by the Planning & Environment committee, Carrigaline Community Association, and as such is part of an ongoing and iterative process to engage with all various interest groups to formulate an agreed plan for the development of our historic town.

The purpose of this plan is to sketch out our vision for the future redevelopment of Carrigaline village and the surrounding areas of beauty and historical sites, to create a vibrant, walk-able multi street town of traditional character that provides the necessary amenities for the people of Carrigaline, and enhances its attractiveness, its commercial life and tourist potential.

Please take a look at each section and provide feedback on our ideas, on anything that you think we have missed, or that you think should be included. The plan is intended to represent what the people of Carrigaline want to see for our town so all ideas are welcome.


This is a draft Village Enhancement Plan for Carrigaline, for consultation within the Community Association and the Community, for finalising in Summer 2010 and forwarding to the Cork County Council for their further attention.

The Cork County Council published its Carrigaline Electoral Area Plan Review - an Outline Strategy 2010-2020 in January 2010, and held very useful public information events in January and February (inc Carrigaline Court Hotel) with a 1st March 2010 deadline for submissions from communities.

The Environmental and Planning sub-committee of the Carrigaline Community Association prepared a written submission detailing the key issues for the town, many of which were identified in a Community wide survey carried out by the Association in 2007.

The Community Association recently welcomed the opportunity of redrafting and revising the Carrigaline Electoral Area Local Area Plan 2005 (Carrigaline settlement) and appreciates the recent review invitation process and public consultation events, held by our Cork County Council. SECAD sponsored Village and Area Enhancement Training courses for Community Groups (Initiatives January – March 2010), were attended by members of the Carrigaline Community Association, and designed to assist in the preparation of local enhancement plans. Assistance and advice from the Department of Planning at UCC is also acknowledged.

This draft plan is designed to compliment the Carrigaline Tidy Towns (CTT) enhancement plan, where further landscaping and amenity projects along the lines of the recently completed Wildlife Garden are detailed. Additional Documents consulted in this process include an excellent detailed study of the town carried out by the Department of Architecture, Bolton Street College, Dublin Institute of Technology (1988) and previous submission from the sub-committee on the review of the Carrigaline Development Plan (2001).



* Carrigaline village has a long and proud history, still well known for the Carrigaline Piped Band, once nationally recognised for its pottery and well maintained village character.
* Recent growth in its population (targeted growth to 14,066 in 2010), has caused considerable strain on the village, with its single main street, and overall lack of amenities for the community. Traffic flow problems and recent shop closures have compounded the problems.
* Carrigaline is enriched by the number of clubs, community organisations and groups, lead by many champions in their fields, that enthusiastically give back so much to the village. A visit to the website: www.carrigaline.ie will help to quickly see the extent of the activities and to appreciate Carrigaline’s valuable heritage and environmental setting.
* The Carrigaline Community seeks to identify the key structures, amenities, public spaces and historical sites that urgently need enhancement in an overall town plan, with newly revitalised streets, restaurants, shops, theatre, park and historical sites for resident and visitors alike to enjoy.

For Town, History and Heritage Information - see http://www.carrigaline.ie/

Goals and Objectives

* To preserve the village character in an enhanced walk-able and liveable streetscape.
* To obtain much needed amenities and facilities for the people of Carrigaline to enhance the quality of life in the village
* To conserve the Owenabue River and its associated floodplain and green belt as a Natural Linear Park within the town, extending as a continuum to the Ballea bridges westward.
* To preserve and enhance the many historical sites in the town, accessible by walking routes throughout the village for tourism and heritage.
* To re-instate a Pottery and Crafts Centre, reviving the tradition of the once famous Carrigaline Pottery.
* To use our primary cultural and historical sites to attract tourists to the the town, as part of an on going Tourist and Business Strategy.
* To obtain an outer village road network and parking facilities, that support rather than congests the inner commercial and recreational heart of the town. Identify a route for a Green bus corridor or light rail.
* To enhance employment, attract small, medium and large scale industry; promote enterprise, tourism, and local innovation, arts, craft and creativity.
* To value by our actions, policies and in resources provision people of all ages and backgrounds equally in our community.

Based on the goals outlined in the previous section, our group have identified a number of specific objectives through which we aim to make our goals concrete. Some of these objectives can be achieved in the short term (e.g. tourist walking routes). Others are longer term (streetscape, restoration of historical sites) and will require longer time, by engagement and partnership with the County Council, OPW, Heritage Council and the business community.

Our specific objectives fall into the following categories:

Objective 1: Town Plan

* Town Streetscape – design, layout, composition and visual aspects
* Traffic and Parking

Objective 2: Environment & Heritage

* Environment – Linear Park, Flood plain, Conservation, walking routes.
* Heritage – historical sites
* Cultural – Arts, Crafts, Pottery
* Tourism and Employment

Objective 3: Community Services

* Education and Health – School, Health Centre, Family Support
* Amenities – youth, sporting, social, retirement

A number of important areas for conservation and retention can readily be identified including:

* The Owenabue river, its floodplain and natural habitat along its banks
* The Mill Race intimately associated with the river
* The Ballea road greenbelt west towards Ballygarvan, and its characteristic bridges
* The Captains boreen
* The Village character of Carrigaline, with its traditional shopfronts and buildings, specifically inappropriate are high rise developments, multi-story/underground carparks as seen elsewhere in Cork.
* The pottery site and the tradition of pottery and crafts
* Walking routes (identified below) and important historical sites
* Heron roundabout, band hall and other significant buildings.
* Landmasses specifically zoned for Open spaces, Sports and recreational and amenity (CEALAP Sept 2005) objectives O-01 to O-05



The current streetscape is a single main street, overloaded with traffic though the village, with many empty shop units and derelict premises. The most common feature is grey palisade fencing restricting both pedestrian and car access alike.


A key objective is to completely remove such temporary and ugly fencing, as part of a complete redesign of the town streetscape, to include:

* Additional parallel street, and pedestrian routes to main street
* A Key provision will be the inclusion of a Pottery Workshop and Centre, located in the town centre reviving the great tradition, on a scale to benefit education, training and tourism.
* A new town centre on a redeveloped old pottery site (with Town hall, a theatre (the Mill Race Theatre), a Pottery, Arts & Crafts Centre, tourist information, youth cafe, pedestrian friendly village green/fountain, village character retail shops, restaurants and commercial units, to compliment the activities of the existing shopping centres. Sports & Recreation centre, Community Garden and Retirement village to be located in the Natural Park on southern fields, with appropriate footbridge(s) across the river.
* Specifically identified needs to be located in the new town centre are youth guidance and employment, and family support centres

Specifically excluded in the new town centre will be:
Underground car parking, multi store car parking (to avoid compounding existing traffic congestion), and greater than two/three storey constructions, for commercial, residential, or offices, deemed to be out of character, and out of proportion to a town wishing to maintain its village character and streetscape.

Particular control of the visual aspect in the new town square and existing main street is essential, including shop front and building designs, to maintain the village character. Underground cabling for lighting and electrical is also essential.


Vehicular Traffic.

Provision and completion of an outer relief road is the top priority. The Carrigaline Area Transport Study recognises the need to provide an outer relief road for Carrigaline to allow through traffic to bypass the main street. Without completion of this, the town will continue to suffer serious traffic congestion.

A partially completed inner road (with river walk) is constructed to the west of the main street, running parallel to the river and to the Ballea road. It extends from the new soccer grounds, and terminates at a point where a proposed new bridge was to be constructed across the river linking to Kilmoney. This can be adapted for use as an entrance route to the river walk and linear park, with a footbridge allowing further access southwards across the park.

Bus Rapid Transit System.
Carrigaline is known as one of the most high profile “commuter towns” in Cork, so a top quality public transport service is a clear necessity. While a Luas style light rail system would be a preference, financially it is likely to be an unrealistic aspiration. However there is another option

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is an innovative, high capacity and lower cost public transport solution which is a realistic and achievable option for Carrigaline. It uses high capacity specialised buses on existing roadways or dedicated lanes. It can provide quick and efficient transport, while also offering the flexibility to meet changing transport demand. It is a far less costly system than light rail (such as Luas in Dublin) and has a much shorter time frame to implement in comparison.


In the Cork Area Strategic Plan (CASP), two Rapid Transit Routes have been provisionally devised. The first is an East-West Route running from Mahon to the Docklands, City Centre, Wilton, Bishopstown and Ballincollig. There is also a South-North Route designed to run from the Airport, to Black Ash, City Centre and Ballyvolane.

Carrigline is not currently included on any such route, which would essential if a Bus Rapid Transit System was ever to service our town. However with the capacity and demand which would be available for such a service, an alternative route, either extending from the Airport, or diverted to include the greater Douglas area, can be lobbied for.

Community Services and Amenities

Education and Schools – Major investment needed in new buildings for primary schools, consultation on future locations and consolidation needed.
Health and Medical Centre is a priority. HSE have ongoing plans in this area, with a location identified on the Ballea Road.
Sports and Recreation Facilities – Objectives O?01 to O?05 to be implemented in consultation with the community and its various active clubs and societies.
Family Support Initiatives and Recommendations? For Carrigaline see Family Support Needs Analysis of Carrigaline prepared by the Carrigaline Family Support supported by HSE and SECAD Initiative March 2009
Environment – Upgrading of sewage system, flood plain management, preservation and enhancement of green belts, and historical sites. Threat from possible transportation of toxic waste via roads to proposed incinerator, and from land filling of toxic ash in the vicinity.
Security – Permanent Garda presence.
Town Maintenance – Dedicated council workers for street cleaning, public work.
Community Complex – Redevelopment and modernization to meet the growing need.

Furthermore, the Carrigaline Community Association is concerned with the long?term, sustainable development, in terms of environment, society and economy, of Carrigaline.

Environment and Heritage
Walking Routes

The Town Centre will be linked by Walking Routes to other areas of natural beauty and historical sites as indicated below.

Stemming outwards from the bridge and Hotel on the main street, it is propose to complete and interconnect the above series of walking routes, such as the Mill Race walking routes and the Heritage routes to our historical sites. These routes will be a major part of our Tourism Strategy linked to the enhancement of the historical sites. Conservation and enhancement of these historical sites (shown above) should be progressed through the OPW, County Councils and Tourism Ireland.

Opportunities exist for development and tourism at the “Rock” with it’s Norman Tower (1171), Ballea Castle (1500s), the Holy Well, and Drake’s pool, as well as from the Pottery tradition in Carrigaline.

Existing Town Park and Wildlife Park

Considerable progress has been made in the Town park surrounding the Community Complex, in the provision of play areas, pathways, preschool and the Swan lake. Ambitious plans for the redevelopment of the Complex are currently being advanced by the Community Association, which should future enhance the facilities.
Town Park
Carrigaline Tidy Towns (CTT) have significantly enhanced the Park and the town through landscaping, and created the impressive Wildlife Park, leading easterly to the new Crosshaven walking and cycling routes.

Heron taking fight from Wildlife Park
The CTT have detailed elsewhere future objectives for landscaping and enhancement at a number of important sites throughout the town, which are viewed as complimentary to this overall town enhancement plan

Natural Park

West of the town centre, Carrigaline is blessed with a Natural Park running along the banks of the Owenabue river, with its old Mill Race which is intimately linked to it. This large green area is to be conserved as a linear, natural park for the town, accessible from the existing new entrance road at the Soccer club (Ballea road), via a Mill Race walkway/route from the town, and a new entrance from Kilmoney Road.The area is a natural floodplain and habitat for ducks, herons and other wildlife, and to be set aside as linear park for all of Carrigaline to enjoy, with access from the main street and the mill race. The maintainence of this inner linear town park is a key element of our future vision for our town.
Plan showing proposed Natural Park an other specified amenities (Click to enlarge).
On the southern field of the park, are to be located the Community Sports Centre and playing pitches, in addition to a Community Garden/Allotments, and a retirement village (See Town Streetscape Plan).

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