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Every year a student exchange takes place between both towns with students from Carrigaline travelling to Guidel in late June and their Breton host students travelling to Carrigaline in August.

An Adult exchange takes place every 2 years allowing the adults to have a little fun too. This takes place usually at Easter or sometime in the summer. This is a lovely way to make new friends, not only in Guidel but also in Carrigaline as you get to know your travelling companions very well. Hosting adults involves just 4 days generally now as a trip away is organised midweek for the visiting group due to the fact that after 20 years of visiting most people are now very familiar the Carrigaline and the Guidel environs.
We are actively looking for new members to take part in these exchanges. An adult group from Guidel will be visiting Carrigaline this coming Easter, arriving on Easter Saturday. We are also actively seeking students from Carrigaline and environs to travel to Guidel in June. If you are interested in hosting and becoming part of what is now one of the longest running and most successful twinning associations in Ireland please contact any of the following committee members.
You will be delighted you did!!!!

Contact Details:

Carrigaline/Guidel Twinning Association 2011
25th Guidel Anniversary

In July this year 2011 approx 80 individuals from Carrigaline and environs will travel to Guidel in Brittany to help celebrate the 25th anniversary of the signing of the twinning charter between both towns. This relationship between Carrigaline and Guidel has run very successfully since that date. Adult and Student exchanges have taken place on an annual basis, building on this initial contact and nurturing a very solid connection with our European neighbours. Over the 25 years many groups have travelled to Guidel as part of twinning. The many happy memories and friendships made along the way have helped to cement that partnership.

To celebrate the occasion in the best style possible our Breton friends were anxious and hoped that as many groups and individuals as possible would travel to Guidel this year to help mark this auspicious date. Preparations are well underway towards the organisation and travel arrangements. Some of the local groups travelling are Java, Polyphonics and Carrigdhoun Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann in addition to many individuals.The group will be travelling with Brittany Ferries to Roscoff and staying with host families or group accommodation for the week long visit. Every effort is being made to keep travel costs to a minimum to enable as many as possible to travel. The committee would love to have a good student participation this year and would encourage young people in the 14-16 age group to seriously consider taking part. During the week there will be a number of formal receptions and a formal concert to mark the occasion, but also plenty of fun times. This is the opportunity to reinforce the successful link between both towns and to reinforce our commitment to maintaining it for the future and the next generation.

Next year 2012 it will be the 25th Anniversary on the Irish side and our opportunity to mark the occasion for our Breton friends. Firstly, though, we will acknowledge this great anniversary on the Breton side and celebrate it as has been its hallmark over the years with friendship and fun.

Noreen Murray

An important part of the Carrigaline-Guidel Twinning project since its inception some 20 years ago, has been the annual student exchange programme. Over the years it has been well-supported and often over-subscribed. Many Carrigaliners have fond memories of trips to Guidel and strong bonds of friendship have been formed between Breton and Irish students and their families.

Our proximity to both Ringaskiddy port and Cork airport has made travel to and from Lorient relatively easy. And since Aer Arann started a bi-weekly flight from Cork to Lorient, travel time has been reduced to a few hours.
Plans are already underway both here and in Guidel for this year’s trip and we hope to travel to Guidel on 20th June. Two responsible adult leaders will accompany the students. Host families will meet them at the airport and a fun-filled, action-packed week will begin. There will be no time for homesickness! Then in August the Guidel group will visit their exchange families in Carrigaline.
This is a unique opportunity for a young person to experience the Breton way of life at first hand and to hear French spoken by native speakers. Irish and Breton people seem to have a natural affinity with one another and share a love of music, song and dance. I think it is fair to say too that Bretons have a strong sense of identity and value their culture and traditions.
The Guidel committee is very committed to the exchange and always provides a varied and exciting programme of events for our students. There will, of course, be free time to spend with the host family which usually involves some sight-seeing and enjoying French cuisine. Guidel is blessed with an amazing beach and generally favourable weather.
If you want to be one of the Carrigaline contingent on this year’s student exchange please contact
Ann at 087 1355851 for full details.


FRENCH Twinning Visit

In the summer before my Junior Certificate Exam in 2004, I decided to take part in the Carrigaline Twinning French Exchange. I was a bit anxious about going at the start as I didn’t know the other people going very well, but thought it would help my French as well as an opportunity to experience the French culture.

The Irish group went to Guidel first; we were all of similar age. When we arrived in Guidel we were greeted by our exchanges and their families. They were all so welcoming and generous. Fortunately my exchange and I had similar interests. The twinning committee had organised several activities to take part in each day including: surfing; visiting an ostrich farm; theme park and many more. The French and the Irish all got on really well, lots of giggles were shared. The Guidel teenagers came to Carrigaline in August where we showed them the “craic agus ceol”, a ceili was held for them as well as many other events. Both groups really bonded and it was a fantastic two weeks together.
I personally formed a great friendship with my exchange. We are regularly in contact via emails and texts. When I was over in France a couple of years ago I met her and we caught up. Last summer she and a friend, who was also on the exchange returned to Ireland and stayed with my family for two weeks. Many other people who went on the exchange almost five years ago are still in contact.

I think the Guidel/Carrigaline exchange is a great opportunity for young people to meet people of similar age to them with similar interests. We also were able to avail of the real French culture as there is no better way to learn about a country and their customs than to live with a local.

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